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About Me

  • Integrity is one of our biggest assets. Back at the beginning of 70´s,when I was born,and later on when I was raised in a middle-class family in North Greece,I have realised from my early years that originality and integrity are the major things to which I had to manage and show off as the major characteristics of my personality.
  • My academic and professional backround. I have studied Mechanical Engineering in the Aristotel University in Thessaloniki(Aerodynamics specialisation) and after I concluded my MBA in the University of Sheffield(UK) in 1998.The “strange” thing is that back in these years I chose as a dissertation the subject “E-Commerce”! Strange isn´t it?…What I mean is,in a way I knew that the “game” will be on the Internet.I was a little bit “late”…don´t make the same mistake…
  • My personal story. After i joined the Greek Army for 23 months,i worked for some multinationals(like BP e.t.c) and in 2003 i realised that self-employment was my path.In the meantime I was engaged part time to Network Marketing and I was fascinated with the financial freedom which could be achieved. I had very poor results… Afterwards I established my own construction company and in 2011 i went so close to bankruptcy. I have just failed again…This was the time that i took the decision with my family to move to another country cause of the deep financial crisis in Greece.So I moved to Germany…knowing only to say “Hallo”.In one year I tried very hard to learn the language and I started to apply to different companies.It was the afternoon of 27th of March 2014 when I received my 278th negative answer. I was trying to re-build my family´s life the last 2 years in a foreign country and I had only rejections. I think at this moment I was in deep depression..I think I lost myself for a couple of months…Then i tried to realise my current condition and I iunderstood that it was my fault.It was my bad attitude…I should change it,I should think positive,have a specific goal and an action plan in order to achieve it. And that´s what i did!
  • My favorite quote. “In order to succeed you have to fail several times”.This exact quote gave me the solution.You see…I thought I was a loser but at this moment I realised that I was on the right path!I was failing….so what? The next year I studied Internet Marketing real hard and I acquired a great knowledge in Facebook Marketing.I realised that the “game” is and will be on the Internet. The last 2 years I started to generate income on the internet which increases every month.I do it exclusively through Facebook because I have the “know-how”.
  • My mission. My ultimate goal and mission is to train and coach people globally,to build their business online.Whether is a Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing business,I want to build with honesty and integrity a global team of trustful,hardworking and coachable people.Are you ready to join my team of students and skip the “corporate world”?