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Is Blogging a Time-Robber?

It´s been 20 years ago that the term “blogging” was initially introduced in the “Web-Life”. Having been coined for the first time in December 1997, but it feels like it´s been around forever… I personally have started blogging 3 years ago, I quit it a year ago, and I started over the last month… Why have I started […]

Motivation Doesn´t Work UNLESS You Do The Work…

Do you join your company´s live events and then you get out full of excitement and motivation feeling ready to recruit everybody? Do you watch the motivation-training videos of your upline and you feel so energised and motivated that you think you could recruit even my grandmother who has passed away many years ago? Please listen to […]

How to “Play” the Social Media Game

People come onto social media sometimes and think that in the next two weeks they´re going to get tones of people to sign-up… That rarely happens. Over time, yes, but certainly not right away. It just doesn´t happen that quickly. Why? Think about it: When you start on social media, on Facebook for example, your first task is to build […]