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How to “Play” the Social Media Game

People come onto social media sometimes and think that in the next two weeks they´re going to get tones of people to sign-up...

That rarely happens.

Over time, yes, but certainly not right away. It just doesn´t happen that quickly.


Think about it:

When you start on social media, on Facebook for example, your first task is to build a pipeline, a pipeline that then must be filled with strangers who are then turned into familiar acquaintances-and eventually friends.

It is not realistic to think you can jump onto a social media platform and create sign-ups instantly when you haven´t sown the seeds of the relationship by providing value first.

It takes time.

The way to make the most of social media, and especially Facebook, is to develop a mentality that says, "I´m going to try to make as many friends as I possibly can by creating value, seeing if they´re open to learning more about my products and/or the business, and if they are, great - and if they´re not, that´s okay, too."

That´s why your commitment to social media must be for a minimum of a year

You might see some short-term money come in, but, if you´re reading this blog post, I´m going to assume you´re not after a few bucks of short-term change, but you´re after the big money, the big impact, and the big ranks in your company.

And if you want to achieve that level of success, then you must make a long-term commitment.

Don´t be a social media dabbler. Be a social media builder.

Bill Proios


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