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How to Respond When Someone Asks You “What Do You Do For A Living?”

On this blog post I would really like to analyse the ever so difficult question that most network marketers can´t respond to very effectively.

And that question is:

"What do you do for a living?"

You see, if you´re an Engineer and someone asks you "what do you do for a living?", your answer would be "I´m an Engineer".

If you´re a doctor and someone asks you "what do you do for a living?", your answer would be "I´m a doctor".



Everybody knows the profession of the Engineer and the Doctor. But when it comes to network marketing things are starting to get complicated...and most of the times misunderstood.

The thing you got to start thinking about is, when someone ask you that question, is at first to stay away from pitching.

Don´t be pitchy like:

"I create multi-millionaires for a living!"

Never say these kind of stuff.

Typically, what you wanna do is to answer that question in a manner that the end result will gonna get the person to say to themselves or to you:

"Really? How do you do that?"


"I wanna know how to do that!"

So, in other words you got to respond with some kind of benefit.

Like if I was an Engineer(I was in the past!) I probably wouldn´t respond like "I´m an Engineer". I would probably respond with something like "I help people build their dream home"(not a house, but a home).

So, I have a couple of questions that might be useful to you if you´re(or wanna be) a network marketer...

NEVER respond with something like "I´m a network marketer".

You got to respond in such a way that the person who asked you is going to know more about what ever it is you´re involved in. That´s the key.

My suggestion to you is to ask someone of your upline who´s more experienced than you, who´s in the industry for a longer period of time than you, and who probably makes more money than you...

So, I would go to them and start asking the same question I was asked:

"What do you do for a living?"

I would ask that question to my upline because every company in network marketing is different, based on whatever product or service they promote. So the answer is always going to be different.

I could easily provide you with different answers, but the best way is to ask an expert in your upline.

HOWEVER the end result has to be about that prospect responding like "Wow! How can I get more information about this?"


"Really? How do you do that?"

Don´t forget that you want to respond in such a way that is not confusing and it doesn´t last 5 minutes! Something like that won´t be helpful…

Just put yourself into the shoes of the other person and take a look at both sides.

You can do one of the two following things:

1. You can respond is such a way that is going to attract the other person

2. You can respond in a way that it´s going to repel away the other person.

...And we both know that you don´t want to do the later...

So, just remember that you want your respond to be like a short of benefit statement. You want to say something that would be of interest for that person.

Of course, not everyone is gonna be interested in, but some people will respond positively on that respond of yours. At the end of the day you don´t need everybody to join you...just some of them...

Think deeply about this stuff and always have a "ready answer" to that question.

Work on it, so that you can respond in such a way that your prospect is going to say:

"Really? How do you do that?"

Now, I kept the best for last. I will give you my answer to that question regards to my business.

So, I´m involved in a network marketing company that promotes amazing tools for people who want to build their business online.

They cover every aspect of it:

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Website/e-shop maker
  • Live Webinar Room
  • Automated Webinars

…...And the list is endless.

Practically my company can cover someone in any tool they need to build their business online.

So, when they ask me "What do you do for a living?" my respond is "I help people to build their current business online". 

At first, I don´t get in details like "Hey Jim, I´m in a company that has an amazing compensation plan and if you join we can both make money!".

I don´t do that.

I promote my tools(in your case is your products) providing my prospect with a great solution to overcome the obstacles they face while trying to build their business online.

I got the solution for their problem, and this is the way I introduce my self to them.

My advice?

Do the same.

Bill Proios


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