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Is Blogging a Time-Robber?

It´s been 20 years ago that the term "blogging" was initially introduced in the "Web-Life".

Having been coined for the first time in December 1997, but it feels like it´s been around forever…

I personally have started blogging 3 years ago, I quit it a year ago, and I started over the last month...

Why have I started blogging at first time?

As a network marketer, I was searching for a way to deliver value to the marketplace and eventually to attract people to my business.

Why have I quit blogging for almost a year?

Because by the time I´ve started blogging, in a way, I realized that it was a time-robber…

But the problem was how I used it...

The question is, in the ever-changing world we live in today, how important is blogging to the success of your business?

The answer is a personal one.

You see, blogging is a great marketing tool I personally use and have used in the past, so I obviously think it´s a good idea for me.

Does that automatically mean blogging is a good idea for you?


First, it´s got to be something you want to do. If it isn´t, chances are good you´ll quit before the results you want manifest...

Essentially, all the effort you´ve expended will have been a total waste of time.

As mentioned before, there´s a big issue with blogging...And that big issue can turn out to a big problem(at least that was my case…)….

For many network marketers, blogging can easily become something they hide behind, something that creates the illusion of connection with people while being only that.


Yes, people may be reading your blog, but are they truly connecting with you?

Maybe, but maybe not...

Worse still, that blogging is helping you build connections often gets in the way of using social media to reach out to people. 

I´ve seen my self put prospecting activities behind because "I was working on my blog".


I was thinking that "I just have to get this blog out there and then I can connect with people."...

That´s a BIG mistake.

If you want to grow a network marketing business, you have to be connecting and prospecting no matter what´s going on , no matter what other activities you´ve got going.

This goes for things other than blogging, too. Like writing  a book, or doing a podcast, or creating videos for your YouTube channel, or whatever.

Regardless of all the other things you´re involved in doing, no matter how effective those things may be, you must not let those things keep you from your number-one activity, which is reaching out to people directly to see if they´re open to your product, your service, and your opportunity on a near-daily basis.

Blogging is a great idea.

Podcasting is a great idea.

Posting videos is a great idea.

All of these activities can be very effective, unless you are using them as crutches or allowing them to become time-robbers that prevent you from reaching out to people.

Keep this in mind...


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