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Motivation Doesn´t Work UNLESS You Do The Work…

Do you join your company´s live events and then you get out full of excitement and motivation feeling ready to recruit everybody?

Do you watch the motivation-training videos of your upline and you feel so energised and motivated that you think you could recruit even my grandmother who has passed away many years ago?

Please listen to me:

First of all, I´d like to make it clear that I have nothing against motivation and inspiration.


I´ve read(and I continue reading) hundreds, maybe over a thousand, motivation and inspiration books in my life!


That means, that getting motivated it´s an ongoing procedure.

And I know well, that without motivation you reach nothing...

Allow me to tell you a real story:

It was the summer of 2011. July.

At this time I owned a construction company back in Greece(I live in Germany from 2012).

It must have been 7.30´in the afternoon, 38 c and the sun was still up...

The financial crisis had already hit Greece a couple of years ago, but I was fighting against it...

You see, I was trying to keep my company on tracks regardless of the situation.

So, it must have been 7.30 in that afternoon, when I left the headquarters of my company. I went out, sweating out from the summer hit...

While walking to my car, a bill collector stood up in front of me. He gave me a paper that was notifying me that my house was in for closure…

Bottom line, I was chased from bill collectors the next 11 months,,,each and every day.

You see, when you do business in a "sick" environment, normally people owe money to you and you owe money to the banks...

I signed the paper that he gave me and I got into my black Porsche...

I started driving without a destination. I was totally lost.

I didn´t even notice that I had no gas in my reservoir….

After 2 miles, I had run out of fuel, and God bless I was only 100 m far away from a gas station. I took the canister and I walked to the gas station.

I had only 5$ in my pocket while running a company that was making 2 million a year as a turnover…

But I was there, standing frustrated with 5$ in my pocket, in front of the gas station,....sweating.

I payed the 5$ in order to full my canister and I started walk the "thin line" of the 100 m back to my car...

While walking back, a thought hit my head:

"How many times have I full the tank of my car the last 10 years?"

More than 2000 times….

So, more than 2000 times I´ve searched for a gas station in order to fuel my "engine" and drive further. To drive a step closer towards my destination….

Why am I telling you this story?

Because, regardless of your car is full of fuel or not, at the end of the day you have to drive to your destination.

Motivation is the fuel, but who will move your "vehicle" to your end-destination?


You must drive it. You must do the work.

End of story.

Listen to me:

Reading motivation books is essential.

Watching motivation videos is essential.

Participating in your company´s events is essential...


All those above, alone, is the motivation...

And motivation alone, can´t lead you to success...

I´m sorry, but I´m telling you the truth right here.

Who is going to drive your "vehicle" unless you do it?

You see, it´s standing in front of you full of fuel. All you have to do is to drive it to your destination.

Motivation is essential,,,,but you need both:




Bottom line:

In order to succeed in MLM you got to stay motivated while trying hard in prospecting.

Bill Proios

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