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Part-Time OR Full-Time Network Marketer?

Did you know that more than 95% of network marketers start their business part-time?

 That´s a fact.

Many think that starting part-time will take more time to them to create a substantial income and abandon their "9-5 job"....

Well, that is logical if you think how many hours are left daily after your ordinary job, the housekeeping, children, family...

2-3 hours?

On the other hand, starting as full-time you got, if not the whole of the day, at least 8-10 hours.

Huge difference, isn´t it?


Actually is not a matter of time ONLY. It´s a matter of how do you use this time.

If you´re not fully engaged, although you´re full time, you´ll have very poor results.

Being part-time doesn´t mean not being fully engaged, and being full-time doesn´t automatically means that you´ll have the success you want.

IT doesn´t have to do with the time you invest in.


You see, being part-time in network marketing doesn´t mean part-time engagement, and being full time doesn´t automatically mean full-time engagement.

The level of engagement is the key for having success in network marketing, regardless of being part-time or full-time.

The key point is to be fully engaged when you´re working on your business, regardless of the time you invest in.

That means in the 2 hours you´ll invest today you´ll make that calls to 5 people of your list, make that skype, send that email to your list, create that piece of content and post it on your Facebook Business Page....

You got to do all of these things, and that starts from being fully-engaged.

If you know your product/service, the compensation plan, and by the time you´re fully engaged, then you can rank faster than a full-time entrepreneur who´s not fully engaged.

Keep this in mind!

Bill Proios

P.S: Part-time or full-time, you have to make these hours(the hours you work on your business) very productive. No matter if it´s 2 hours per day, or 10 hours per day...

Especially if you´re a part time network marketer, automation in your procedures can be extremely helpful. Technology today can help you not only to save time, but to organize work of 10 hours and put it out there in 2 hours, working for you 24 hours a day, 365 a year.

That´s the thing most people do no understand. They don´t understand that with technology´s advent today, you can reach automatically(by creating an advert on Facebook) thousands and hundred of thousands prospects for your business in your country and around the world. On the contrary, what most people do is to SPEND 5-8 hours per day sending messages to strangers, making new friends on social media, prospecting generally on Facebook.

Is it bad?

No it isn´t, but remember why you initially joined this business:

To earn money while having FREE time.

It´s all about FREEDOM. Financial freedom and time freedom.

Do you think you´re FREE while being logged in on your Facebook account 8 hours per day?

I will tell you something right here: 

I know the tools that can help you build your network marketing business online in 90% autopilot.

The thing is, are you ready to stop chasing down friends and family, and start passively marketing ONLY to those who most likely are interested in your offer?

I don´t claim that you should stop leveraging the traditional recruiting methods in our industry. All I want you to know is that they can be combined. "Old school" network marketing is already adapted in today´s technology.

Only if you´re determined to study by my side, I can reveal to you a totally new way to build your network marketing business!

Only if you´re determined(automation doesn´t mean that you don´t have to put effort in it), to study and start implementing the knowledge you´re going to acquire, then you can join my FREE 7-Day Online Network Marketing Bootcamp by clicking below.


But..., to be honest I don´t really want "easy clickers" in this Bootcamp. I want people who really want to study by my side…

Are you ready?


Bill Proios

Amazing Facebook and Attraction Marketing Trainer who helps Network Marketers build successfully their business online and become the "hunted" instead of the "hunter".

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