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The Two Biggest Mistakes You Should Never Do on Your Facebook Post Updates

Sometimes I wonder...

I wonder what people post on Social Media and particularly on Facebook...

What do they post?

They post a selfie of them while driving their amazing car, or a selfie of the beach they have amazing vacation...

Now, the question is:



My point is, how often do you post these kind of stuff?

You see, what you post is what you attract...and when 90%, 70%, 50%, or even 30% of your post updates are about your life-style...




"Posting my Ferrari..."

"Posting my Ferrari"...

The No1 mistake most entrepreneurs do is to MAINLY post updates around their "material" life.

In my experience, this is a HUGE MISTAKE!

At first, I´d like to make it clear to you:

I´m not against posting your "material" success on Facebook...


Those kind of posts must be around the 10% of your total post updates.


Because literally when you post MAINLY these kind of stuff, most likely you will attract people that are attracted to the material world.

To me network marketing is like a marriage.

When someone joins my team, in a way, I´m getting married with them. They marry the whole "package". I mean think about it:

When you meet someone in your personal life, and you´re really interested in him/her, how do you show up?

With your money?

With your value as a person?


In the first case most likely you´ll have a "one night stand". Metaphorically in network marketing, that means that people will be attracted to you cause of the material stuff and will join you for a few days. And it´s not their fault. You have attracted them that way...What did you expect then?

In the second case most likely you will attract fewer people, but people that are dream believers and most likely they are ready to do a hard work in order to succeed. But something is missing… You see, value is something that can attract any person, but if it is not accompanied with the material perspective of life, then….you and me could make a good company...

I mean think about it:

Would you ever marry a homeless person, but a person with a great personality, a person with a great value?

I would do that definitely!

May be you as well.

But what about 99% of the people? What do you think they would do?

I can tell you what:

At first they would be strongly and emotionally engaged, but under the absence of the "material" life...they would go away in a while.


That´s why you need both "the Ferrari" and the pure value...

But you need them in the right mixture:

10% "Ferrari" ONLY

And what about the rest 90% of your post updates?



Allow me to break it down for you:

"Valueable content"..."What does it mean Bill?"

Well, that could mean your personal thought about the industry. For example, if you´re a network marketer, you could create a post about your thoughts and the trends in our industry.


You could post something like:

"Hey guys, do you know what I was thinking about today? I was thinking about how we can make our industry better, and I thought about 3 crucial parameters…."

That´s exactly the way you make it personal, you create engagement, and the most important, this is the way you can bring value onto the marketplace.

Now, you may tell me "Bill I don´t have this kind of knowledge to share it with my audience".

Well, that´s fine! I didn´t have it at my beginning as well!

What you can do is to read some books, or some Facebook post updates of people that you follow on Social Media and they are more experienced than you. You can share them directly or you can process them by bringing up your own arguments.

For example, you can simply share this blog post you´re reading right now, or you can make your thoughts around it, agree or disagree, and then show up with your genuine critic on a Facebook post update.

All of those above consist what we call "Valuable Content"


Have always in mind that FREE training is the MASTERKEY that will attract the right people into your business.

Some of them are leaders already in their current opportunity, and if they are not leaders already they may be on the way to become...

Do you think you will attract them with your Ferrari´s post update, or by providing them with training that could help them build THEIR business?

Hmmmm…. I´m almost sure what you may think right now:

"Bill, if I provide them with FREE training, helping them to build THEIR business, why the heck they will join mine. They´ll keep up building THEIR business!"

Logical, isn´t it?


It isn´t.

Keep something important in mind:

When you help people have success in their business, they will always remember you...and if you´re consistent in posting training and content that help them build THEIR business, then sooner or later, most likely they will buy from or join you!


​​​"Posting your company´s name…"

Sorry, but this is DEAD WRONG!

Do you know why?

Because when people read through your post updates your company´s name...


They will google it.

Believe me, regardless of the reputation of the company you´re involved in, you don´t want this...

You see, when someone will google the name of your company, they will focus on the negative reviews. Sorry but that´s the nature of the human beings...

They will focus on all the negative comments, comments like "This is a pyramid scheme" or "The product/service didn´t work in my case" or "They just want to get your money...this company is a scam…!".

Believe me, you will find all these kind of reviews if you google your company´s name. Regardless of the company.

In marketing you have to learn how to raise curiosity.

That means you NEVER post your company´s name on Facebook.


Because when you post it, you raise resistance than curiosity.

You don´t want to raise resistance. Just raise curiosity while providing with valuable content post updates your target audience.

So, in order to recap the content of this blog post:

1. Don´t post your Ferrari, or better post it in the 10% of your Facebook updates.

2. Never post in public your company´s name. YOU HURT YOURSELF

3. 90% of your Facebook post updates must be of pure value for your target audience.

Now, I´d like to tell you something right here:

All the above analysis leads to a term called  "Attraction Marketing", a method that is used from all the big earners in our industry.

Top earners like Eric Worre and Ray Higdon, use this exact formula to build their empires online and of course offline.

I personally discovered this formula 3 years ago, and from that moment I stopped chasing down friends and family to join my business. I even stopped chasing down strangers. They chase me right now. They send me messages about what company I´m involved in and how they can join me...

Listen, after all these years in the industry I´ve never seen something so effective, so easy to learn, implement, and share with my team.

You´re going to learn:

  1. How to attract new customers/distributors into your business daily
  2. How to avoid sending messages to strangers and instead they message you asking for more information about what you´re in.
  3. How to avoid prospecting friends and family(they will join you later!) and target to millions around the globe.

If you´re a Network Marketer, simply you can´t neglect Attraction Marketing.​​​

It´s the foundation that literally kept me in the industry and drove me to paths that I didn´t really had to become another personality in order to succeed.

My name is Bill Proios and I´m not a millionaire, ...I don´t even know if I want to become one...

What I know is that this formula works extremely effective after you study it.

Get a "taste" of it by clicking on the link below and register for the FREE 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.


You will be amazed about the "secrets" you´re going to put your hands on...

It´s something I did three years ago, and it changed everything in my life.

It could happen to you as well…

All you have to do is to click below and register for FREE.


I hope I´ll see you over the inside.

Bill Proios


Bill Proios

Amazing Facebook and Attraction Marketing Trainer who helps Network Marketers build successfully their business online and become the "hunted" instead of the "hunter".

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