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What Are You Keep Doing Wrong On Facebook…

Unfortunately MOST business owners, especially network marketers, do it wrong on social media....

They have no idea what marketing even means so they spam their links everywhere thinking that there are so many people online that eventually they will get lucky.

Where this may be true, the fact is MANY of the people that get turned off by this approach could have joined their opportunity if they simply learned the right way to think about marketing.

So, let´s check out the right way!

The key always is to get your MLM in front of more people. Right?

But I want you to understand that you need to be thinking more than just one step...

So, most likely, what you think when you ask the question "How do I market my business online?", you´re typically mean how do I get my business opportunity link out there.

I´m gonna show you today how you can get more eyeballs to your opportunity, but it´s a two step process...

So, pay attention here:

Most Network Marketers advertise and target to "buyers", that is people who are really ready to join a business or buy a product/service.
And believe me, there is an amount of that kind of people over there on the Internet.

The problem is that in my experience, this is only 2-5% of the total market....not to mention that this niche is targeted and bombarded from the majority of marketers...

On the other hand, there´s way more people that they´re doing research. That is, in my experience, 95-98% of people who are in research mode.

Now the question is:

"What kind of market do you wanna target to?"

"Buyers OR Researchers?"

Would you like to target to "buyers" while all of your competition is doing the same?


Would you like to put a little more effort and target to the other 95-98%?

How can you do that?


For example:

Let´s say that you´re doing a research to buy a house.

What ad would attract you more?

"Hey, 20.000$ off! This beautiful 3 bedroom - 2 bath house...."...


"Download your FREE report about the 7 questions You should ask before you purchase a house"

See the difference?

Who´s going to be attracted to the 20.000$ off?

The 2-5% of buyers...
...But they are a very small amount of people that all of your competition is targeting to.

What about all the people doing the research?

Educate them.

Train them.

Help them.

Give them the research needs.

If you want to get more people looking at your opportunity, provide more value, provide more content, provide more videos that teach something to this 95-98%.

Then, you can talk to them about your MLM when you´ve generated them as a lead and you´ve built a relationship with them.

So,  you could create an article, a post, or a video out there that says "Hey, before you join a Network Marketing opportunity, here´s 7 questions you should ask yourself before you join anything!".

This is just an example,...but I hope you understand where I´m getting with this....

My advice?

Aim to this 95-98%, educate them and try to make them make a more. And as they make a more they start to inch ever closer to becoming a "buyer".

If you start targeting to "buyers", this 95-98% will never pay attention to you. As soon as they see your network marketing opportunity name that you post everywhere, they will say:
"Not for me. This guy is pitching!"

You see, that´s the catch...

When you´re marketing to just "buyers" you look like a pitch person.

And you know what?

No one likes "pitch people"....

But when you´re educating and move them along the line, they would like to buy your stuff or join you.

That´s how you market your MLM on Facebook.

Keep that in mind...

Bill Proios

P.S: Now, you may wonder how you could apply the main idea of this blog post on your Facebook Marketing activity…

Well, 3 years ago I saw an advert on Facebook about a FREE 10-Day Online Bootcamp that could help me build my network marketing business on Facebook.

I have to tell you that I was very suspicious with all that hype online...but after all I said "what the heck Bill, it´s for FREE"...

But a little voice, deep inside, was telling me to study the material of that FREE 10-Day Online Bootcamp.

While studying the FREE-OFFERED material during those 10 days, I started realising day by day what I was doing wrong with my Facebook marketing activities.

I mean, what ever I was doing before was DEAD WRONG!

As every logical person, I suddenly realised that if I would continue doing the things I did, I would have no chance to promote my network marketing business on Facebook.


If you believe that Facebook is one of the greatest tools to build your Network Marketing Business, and most likely you do things wrong or even you´re afraid even to start, then the material you´re going to study in this FREE 10-Day  Online Network Marketing Bootcamp is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

I don´t like to make promises. Actually I hate them.

What I can tell you is what impact this Bootcamp had in my life:



My question to you is:

Do you know how to promote your business on Facebook?

Do you already have good results?

Do you have doubts about the content you post on Facebook?

I can feel you...

I used to post links and my company´s name everywhere on Facebook...

I didn´t have good results...

I had deep doubts about the content I used to post on Facebook...

That FREE 10-Day Bootcamp changed my whole mindset.

It can do the same for YOU.



Bill Proios

Amazing Facebook and Attraction Marketing Trainer who helps Network Marketers build successfully their business online and become the "hunted" instead of the "hunter".

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