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What Do You Do With The 95% Who Says “NO” to Your Business Opportunity?

Have you ever thought that out of the 100 people you present your business to, only 5 of them eventually will join you?

Freaking scary, isn´t it?

Sorry, but this is a cold fact(at least that was my numbers…).

Even if you are one of the best recruiters on the planet, your recruitment rate could reach up to 10%. That´s it.

Is it a small number?


Can you make money out of this 5-10%?


But...have you ever thought why for example Eric Worre sells his own training, his own books for Network Marketers?

"He is in a mission to help other Network Marketers" you may tell me...

Yes he is, but... he got to earn some money at the same time. Nobody does it 100% for free, and this is normal I think.

Think about Ray Higdon. He sold his network marketing business a couple of years ago and now he is devoted to selling his training, his books, his knowledge. He did that while he was an active network marketer as well.

Both of these leaders, from the first years of their career in network marketing, have realised that it´s dead wrong not to serve the 95% who would say "NO" to their business. I mean we are talking about the 95% here...How could someone ignore it?

I have hundreds of examples of multi-millionaires in network marketing industry to mention...

Do you think that those top earners are crazy?

Do you think that Ray Higdon for example, is crazy? I mean, he quit network marketing to become a network marketing coach! He was a top earner in network marketing but he quit it!


...And here comes the BIG ANSWER:

These people saw the "raw" reality:

"You can make more money out of the 95% of network marketers than from the 5% of them"

It makes sense, isn´t it?

Think about the Gold Rush years in California. Very, very few people became millionaires out of gold hunting...but a lot became millionaires out of the people who were buying equipment from them(like solves, trousers, boots etc.).

So, can you tell me what do you do with that 95%?

Most likely you follow your upline´s advice:

"Forget them and talk to new prospects. This business is not for everyone." Wise, don´t you think…?

Yes, this business is not for everyone, but your upline didn´t tell you that if you won´t do something with that 95%, you´re going then to leave HUGE money on the table...

They didn´t tell you not because they want to hide it from you. They just don´t know...

Now, what do you think this AMAZING 95% of network marketers who will say "NO" to your business, need?

They DEFINITELY need the TRAINING and the TOOLS to build their business ONLINE!

That would be huge for them, and believe me, they are ready to purchase that kind of training and tools...

They are ready to pay to learn or to have access to tolls that would help them build their business online. That 95% is waiting for you out there. BELIEVE ME.

After reading all of the above analysis, you may feel a little bit embarrassed...Well I can totally relate to you. You see, I was in your shoes 3 years ago...  

So, wouldn´t be great when someone of that 95% rejects your business, you to come up with a product-service-tool-training that could help them build THEIR OWN BUSINESS ONLINE?

Wouldn´t something like that solve a BIG PROBLEM, serve a HUGE need, while you´re earning some extra cash, creating an additional stream of income, and maintain and develop your relationship with that 95%?    


You see, a "NO" is a "NO" to your business opportunity ONLY. Not to you as a person and not to anything else you can offer.  

Think about it:

What´s the biggest struggle of a network marketer?


That´s it!

How can they avoid running out of prospects?

By continuously getting LEADS ONLINE.

Leads are prospects who usually click on an advert on Facebook, and put their best email address in order to get something for FREE. It could be a FREE training about something of their interest, a FREE product sample etc.  

So, in exchange of that FREE gift they put their best email address after clicking on your link. Now it´s up to your hands to follow them up, and if you teach your prospects properly, they will have the same benefit, the same "painkiller" to their struggle...that is to generate leads online and never to run out of prospects.


I don´t tell you to focus on that 95% and quit network marketing. NOT AT ALL! I just tell you to stop leaving HUGE money on the table by not serving this exact percent.

You can help them build their business by selling them access to amazing tools and training. This way you´re going to earn money and finance YOUR network marketing business. It´s a win-win situation, and believe me , by the time they see the benefits of your tools and training, they will thank you for ever(not to mention that many of them will eventually join YOUR business!).

We all know how extremely difficult is, especially at your beginning in network marketing, to earn a substantial income that will motivate you to keep trying and keep your business on tracks. It´s so difficult because you leave big money on the table out of that 95% of network marketers by totally ignoring them.

The benefits of such a strategy are extremely positively and multiple for a network marketer:

  1. You earn extra money that will help you have a budget to finance your network marketing business.
  2. You create an additional stream of income and if something would go bad with your network marketing company or team, you will still have money in your bank account in order to make a new start.
  3. You will feel more confident when you try to recruit someone because regardless of they join you or not, you still have money to support your family and your network marketing business. And believe me, people are attracted from confident people(only this will increase extremely your recruitment rate).
  4. You establish your self as a mentor, a network marketing coach and trainer, and sooner or later this will transform you to an authority in their eyes. This will dramatically increase your success rate and people will start reaching out to you instead of you trying to reach them out.
  5. You gain a competitive advantage by ONLY using the same tools you sell, in order to build YOUR network marketing business online. 

….And many-many more.

Now, in order this blog post to have a real impact to your network marketing business, you got to learn exactly how to serve that 95% of "NO´s" and have access to the biggest "pool" of money around the network marketing industry.

Well, you can just:


Don´t forget the biggest struggle of a network marketer online:


A lead(an email address) that someone generates online, is the corner stone of your online network marketing business. And the bigger your email list, the bigger the money you´re going to earn. This is a cold fact.

The question is:

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I hope I´ll see you over the inside.

Bill Proios 



Bill Proios

Amazing Facebook and Attraction Marketing Trainer who helps Network Marketers build successfully their business online and become the "hunted" instead of the "hunter".

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