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Your Business Presentation Does A Lot of Work…But Not All of it

You talk to a prospect online(or even offline), you agree with them to send them your business presentation link, they promise you that they are going to watch it, and you agree as well to follow them up in couple of days.

As promised, after a couple of days, you call them back, or through Messenger or Skype, and you ask them if they watched your business presentation.

I have just described a typical day of a Network Marketer...

But still something is missing...

You see, anybody can point a prospect to a business presentation link hopping that they will love it and eventually join.

But this, rarely is the real case...

In real life, you have to make the sale. You have to close the deal.

That´s why I did 2 LIVE TRAININGS the last 10 days, in order to cover every single step, and every possible scenario, of the follow up process.

So, today it´s a video blog post, and in the following video I demonstrate the steps you should follow in case they didn´t watch your business presentation.

Watch the training right below:


In the second part of the training I cover the "YES" answer. That is, they actually watched your business presentation.

Watch the second part right below:


Enjoy it!

Bill Proios


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Bill Proios

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